Removing Limitations

I realized my perception of the world differs from most since I believe and continued to believe my parents when they told me anything is possible.  This little saying seems to be lost by most after a few disappointments.  For me if I need something or want something, I have full belief that I can obtain it.  Obstacles though annoying are simply roadblocks which can either be removed or drove around.  In almost every instance in which I was unable to obtain my goal when I examined all variables which contributed to the failure it was me.  This is an extremely important if you wish to become more successful.  There are times when other people or other obstacles are in the way.  It is far more difficult to change others or the environment than changing yourself.  The rest of this post will be covering some of my achievements which have seemed to shock people and when I explain they can easily do the same thing they are extremely reluctant.


The first achievement which I had accomplished and easily my proudest moment was when I entered and stayed in recovery.  I used both drugs and alcohol through out my teens and twenties.  Many times I hurt others and myself nearly losing my life in an overdose.  Nothing seemed to cause enough pain for me to believe that these substances were doing more harm than good.  I had a belief that without these my life would be unbearable.  5/8/2009 was the date of my last drink.  It was a week after my birthday and I had bought a 1/5 of alcohol which I had not opened yet and decided to have a drink.  Within a very short period of time I drank the entire bottle.  I cant remember what the drink was, but it was much stronger than whisky or vodka.  By the end of the night I went into a blind rage and attempted to throw my brothers girlfriend out of the house.  He was at work, she called him and when he got home the physical fight broke out.  We destroyed the hose and when he went outside and got into his car to leave I shattered the driver side window with my fist.  The cops woke up and I went to jail.  When I awoke the next day this story that I told you I had absolutely no recollection of.  All I knew was I had blood from head to toe.  My entire arm was bandaged and hurt like hell.  To my knowledge I could have killed someone and was going to be in jail for the rest of my life.  This fear resounded in me and the humiliation of losing control and hurting a family member finally pushed me past the point in believing alcohol held a powerful beneficial impact on my life.  I entered rehab the next month and passed the 1 year program and have been clean ever since.


The second achievement which seems to shock others was my online business.  This I created before I quit drugs and alcohol.  I taught myself HTML and CSS.  My first website was terrible, but with time and practice I was able to create some decent looking blogs and websites.  After a couple years I had finally learned enough about web business to begin making money.  Before my site was shut down I was receiving around 100k visitors a month and earning around one thousand dollars monthly.  This was income which to maintain I had to do very little was sent in the mail or paid to my paypal sometimes multiple times monthly.  This paid my car off and my rehab bills which was around ten thousand.  Since I used a free server they shut my site down since I was taking far more bandwidth than allowed, but by the time it shut down I was completely debt free and had no real need to rebuild the business.


These are just a couple of examples of what can be accomplished if one believes in himself.  There are more I could put her, but the point of this post is to foster a belief in what is possible.  Remove the thoughts which hold you back and foster the dreams you have attempting them frequently and never giving up.

Choose A Hobby That Will Help You Grow

There are thousands of different activities to choose from, but few will you find enjoyment and growth.  The hobbies you try should compliment your educational, spiritual, and physical goals.  If for example your main goal is getting in shape then picking up a gaming or similar hobby will actually distract you from reaching the goal.  It would be better to explore options of outside hobbies such as walking, fishing, or flying those plastic planes.  If you live in a very cold area like myself you may need to find an indoor hobby which requires exercise.


Some of the different hobbies may not seem beneficial, but they help with what you are trying to accomplish.  In previous posts I have spoken about being a gamer.  To many this seems like a waste even more so than watching TV, but what people don’t see is the amount of logical thinking and motor control skills that are done.  If you game online there is also a social effect unseen by those who do not participate.  Online gaming made me much more confident in school and helped me perform better as well.  There are of course others, but the only hobby I am also versed in is reading classical literature which has helped my English immensely.


Other hobbies which I have seen beneficial effects are of course those with an athletic need.  In our world we as a species have moved away from all athletics.  The only time one is expected to run is by choice or in a physical education class.  Simply walking is usually not even needed.  The majority of jobs require you to be at a desk or standing still.  Most jobs which in previous years required athletic activity has replaced man power with machine power.  This leads to a need to have at least one recreational activity be physically active since our bodies still need it.


The final point I would like to talk about is the need to have hobbies which are enjoyable, but also increase intellect.  The only place being bright is usually middle and high school.  What is interesting is the first day after graduation when it is time to apply to college or go work these children quickly learn the importance of intellect.  When applying to a job not having a diploma because you felt it unnecessary will be detrimental to your salary and position.  The same goes with respect from the people you meet.  If you are able to speak correctly without mistakes and are knowledgeable on academic topics then people you meet will give you more respect and will be more likely to offer you jobs, promotions, raises, ect…


I am wanting to write a few posts about the book I am reading.  It is the original Grim’s Fairy Tales.  I would like to compare and contrast some of my favorite Disney TV shows such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  Expect those coming soon.

Creating an Education Program

I work at a company who assists the daily living tasks of mentally and physically ill persons. In the last year I was tasked with creating an education program for all individuals who were interested. The program was an amazing success with nearly all person interested who were asked. The shock still has not worn off. People who had been so torn away from reality because of their illness asked to attend. With the success I only hit a few snags along the way and those are what I would like to talk about in this post.

The first issue I had was with my own limitations. I am a college graduate, but having gone to school in previous years I had not really brushed up on the basics or foundations of academic knowledge. Math was the most common source of academic need so my class first focused on the foundations of mathematics. The first week was when I began testing to find where each person was. For the most part they all were at the same place. They had the basic understanding of arithmetic, but lacked the memorization of times tables and other operations that the majority of us take for granted.

There were a few exception and allowed me to also begin teaching higher math mainly algebra. We are opening the door on statistics and geometry though covering it fully is out of the question. I find myself even with the more advanced students covering the foundations over and over ensuring the education foundation is fixed.

Math may be the subject which I cover most, but I find English much more enjoyable. One week I brought into work some poetry from Dickinson, Poe, and Frost. Unlike a more common classroom where students fear reading aloud the people I work with all read aloud. This amazed me. I believed they would be much less likely to speak in public. Personally it took me a long time to gain the courage to simply stand up and begin public speaking, but these guys even though they would struggle on some parts of the poetry were more than willing to stand up and at least attempt reading the poem aloud.

Finding Inspiration

Any form of expression must have a preceding inspiration.  When sitting down to write, play, or do any form of creative expression to make the most out of your time it is good to have a goal already set.  Knowing what you want to accomplish will expedite and improve the creative process.  The goal should be something you feel passionately about.  If you can create enough motivation any set backs you find during creation should seem minimal.  This is much easier said than done.  You must first know what makes you excited.  Once you have an idea what inspires you then implementing it into your life will be easier.  My personal inspiration comes from classic writers.  The ideas which spurred books hundreds of years ago amaze me and push me to write.  I also find watching instrumentalists on youtube.


When you begin your search for inspiration make sure to not get sucked up in poor substitutes.  With me this seems to happen when I play games.  It is true games are an immense source of creativity.  In some cases they even blow books out of the water.  The ones I speak of would be the Bethesda game titles.  These the company spend years on creating the stories making sure they are extremely rich.  Even though this is the case I find myself with a lack of ideas after playing games.  I believe the most important aspect which they give me is stress relief rather than inspiration.  Books on the other hand once finished I find myself going back over the main story line and contrasting my world view to the authors.  This I believe is why books always seem to inspire more in me than other forms of ideas I take in.


Another important aspect when looking for information is never to waste.  You should kindle your inspiration.  If you become inspired and let that flame out it may not arise again and you could possibly lose the creation that could have been.  It is important for you to keep space to create.  This should be set up in a place with very little stimulation outside of helpful inspiration.  What I mean by this is if you find music helpful when creating then have music in your space, but try to keep out any other distraction including people which may make your work suffer.


Once you have the space separated from your normal quarters and those living with you know not to bother you when your creating it will become far easier allow for creative creations. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed be sure to subscribe.

Thoughts On The Paris Attacks

A terrible tragedy recently occurred in Paris.  Over 100 people dead in a very well orchestrated terrorist attack in Paris.  Nothing like this has been seen since 911.  I feel France did a very good job ensuring their outrage was fully expressed and declaring war on those who targeted their city.  I felt the call for tactical nuclear strikes may have been an overreach since a country did not commit the attacks, but rather a terrorist organization.  I am somewhat surprised at the arrogance of the terrorists.


I understand terrorists have a need to create fear.  They need enemies and reasons to go on living (or dying in the case of suicide bombers). After thinking a while on this I believe a lack of intellect would cause the human organism to fall for pretty much anything.  These people actually believe they accomplished something.  Perhaps they believe that starting war will help their cause which I am assuming is to drop everyone down to their level.


I understand that this thought process is completely one sided.  It is one thing to sit back 10,000 miles away and judge someone else’s actions.  If these people truly believe they need to kill themselves and others in the name of a cause there must be something to that cause.  Perhaps they have good reasons in their own mind.  I know I would die and kill in the name of freedom.  I wonder if they feel as though they believe their way of life is under attack.


Well I can’t be certain that this is the reason.  There really is no justification for their actions, but I believe it is worthwhile to at the very least find the reason they do what they do.  Just my thoughts and once again lets all give our hopes and prayers to France.

Congratulations To Fallout 4

One of the most anticipated games of the year recently came out.  Being a fan of the Fallout Series and the Elder Scroll Series I was expecting quite a bit from Fallout 4.  This I believe is the only game Bethesda made using the full power of Xbox One.  First impressions I was a little disappointed.  Like many said previously the graphics are a bit lacking.  I only thought about this until I began fighting.  The fighting mechanics and over all enemy AI is so perfectly done.  The only thing better is the gun play which rivals anything Call of Duty has come out with.  From what I have played this has been the guns:

Fallout 3: No aiming just zoomed in hip fire.  Only way to hit your target was to use vats every single shot.

Fallout New Vegas:  Stepped up a little bit allowing you to aim using the sites, but still did not feel real at all.  The mechanics were clunky the guns didn’t feel or look real.

Fallout 4: The gun in your hand is beautifully realistic.  Moving while aiming is no longer filled with glitches, but rather moves as smooth as Modern Warfare 2.  The gun modding is filled with realistic mods and when placing a mod on the gun acts completely different.


Making the guns would have been enough, but Bethesda really developed exciting combat.  Having Behemoth or Deathclaw barreling down on your while your in this power suit firing a mini gun or rocket launcher really gets the blood flowing.  The boss enemies (ones you usually choose to run from) are incredibly difficult.  Once you think you really have enough weapons and armor to destroy anything in the game one of these will cross your path and that idea flies out the window.  Another good change which significantly differs from the predecessors is the amount of low enemies in an area.  I found myself cussing out the TV on one of the first missions.  The mission was to simply go clear out the first raider building.  Upon reaching the building I killed 5 or 6 and a turret, but when I walked in they started coming from all directions.  Running backwards throwing grenades and molotov cocktails was not enough.  I would kill 10 and the next room would have double that. This is the first Bethesda game I had to turn the difficulty down just to continue the missions.  To me this means that this game will be worth slowly raising the difficulty and playing it over and over.


Another great change that they implemented and in my mind puts this in the front of any game Bethesda has ever created it the dynamic town building.  There are very few towns which are pre built and ready.  For the most part it is your job as one of the minute men to go from town to town help the people so they join you and build the city up.  As your towns grow they become a more likely target for raiders.  When you bounce in between your towns don’t be surprised if you have to push back a couple attacks.


There is so much more I wish I had time to cover in this little review of the game.  They did so unbelievably well.  I feel leaving with the best note would be good.  The true success of this game and all of the series is the game length.  I am about twenty hours in and I have not even begun to scratch the surface.  They did fantastic making an immense game which feels real enough to make you want to spend day after day in their little virtual world.  I must say great job Bethesda!!



The Art of Influence

I began this article with the title “The Art of Manipulation”, but felt the negative connotation would undermine the message. First lets discuss why a person would want to influence another.  In society the most common mass influence we have is negative reinforcement.  If you break a set of rules your freedom is taken in the hope that your behavior will somehow change or at the very least you will be unable to continue the behavior for at the least until the term of your imprisonment is over.  Though this system is one of the worst uses of influence ever devised it is still the most common.  A more positive influence we do socially (outside of middle and high school) is reward the most intelligent among us.  Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals have to go through intense schooling and when done are rewarded by being allowed to charge high prices for their services.


These are great examples of how society can influence the population within, but what if you want to influence on a more personal level.  Before you attempt to influence someone make sure you fully understanding that any interaction with another person is permanent and will not be forgotten.  If your goals are underhanded or self serving then there will likely be negative consequences.  The first step is knowing exactly what your goals are with the interaction.  The second step is spending time thinking about the other person and why they don’t see things in your perspective.  The need to influence should only come after first simply asking for whatever you would like.  If this fails then surely the person will have their reasons.  Make sure when discussing the issue you keep the conversation passive.  Don’t push your thoughts onto them simply attempt to uncover why exactly they feel the way they do.


Now we have a good idea of what we want from a person and why the person objects.  It is time to begin the influence.  There are several ways to begin.  What I like to do is first begin developing a list of why my idea is better than the other.  During this time be sure to also merge your idea with the other.  This will be difficult, but greatly increases your chances of successfully influencing someone.  Next it is time to begin working on how you approach the subject.  Many times the influence will fail if the topic is brought up with too much pressure to see things your way.  If you bring up an idea in a way which shuts down any argument the chance of changing someones opinion will be small.



Thoughts On Frankenstein

After finishing the old horror classic I was amazed to see the lack of consistency between all recreations that I grew up watching.  The story is not about creating a monster, but rather causing one.  Frankenstein with the help of the doctor would have easily became a good man.  Rather than assisting his creation develop humanity the Doctor becomes a coward running away.  Without any guidance the creation walks into the world, but is attacked because of his unique appearance.


I found Shelly does a great job creating a unique story with the evil shared between the doctor and his creation.  Many times throughout the book I found myself blaming the doctor for not creating a new life, but simply refusing to guide it.  If this were to happen in out day and age would we not blame the guardian whose job it was to guide the fledgling.  I believe the best case to illustrate this point would be an mental health facility.  If a doctor would allow someone with severe psychosis out into the world without any guidance and they committed an atrocity would the doctor not be held accountable simply because of his part played and neglect.


The recreations I spoke of previously it seems completely missed this part of the book.  They emphasize the creation as being a monstrosity, but this is not what Shelly meant to do.  The creation of Frankenstein was not created to be a monster, but rather Dr. Frankenstein was the pure cause.  Not because of the creating itself, but rather the lack of care for his creation.  The monster hurts nobody for fun and is saddened by the pain he causes.  The only people he hurts were ones important to the Doctor.


Anyway a great book for anyone who enjoys classic horror.  Make sure to pick it up on amazon for free.  I am sorry I have not been writing much, but my company has asked me to create and implement an educational program for the disabled persons I work with.  It has been a tremendous effort and well worth the time.  I do plan on updating different thoughts and techniques I have used to create such a program.  Thanks for reading.


I have been working tirelessly on improving my education and all around life.  Five years ago I started a successful online business which cost me nothing and made me thousands.  It required a massive amount of work to become successful and once I became a success I lost interest.  With the money I paid off all my debt and was able to finish my associates.  I quit simply because I didn’t enjoy what I was writing about.  The change has come recently.  This blog will not focus on an income, but rather a place I can speak about any subject.  My interests include writing, reading, gaming, animals, and much more.  If I feel a topic is worth writing about I will write a post.  If I begin getting board about writing on a specific topic I will simply change the subject matter.  I fully understand that this ideal is terrible for SEO and blogging in general.  Once again this blogs success will be in the outlet of creative ideas rather than the number of hits or income generated.


One thing I would really like to try with this blog is showcasing my musical and academic growth.  I will be going back to school in the fall to get my bachelors and in the last year I have taught myself guitar, piano, violin, and to read music in general.  By no means am I an expert in either of these two things, but I do love both and now have a platform on which to share my loves.  Writing on different topics has always been one of my biggest strengths.  I have written thousands of articles and blogged for many years.  This I believe is what I lost when I quit my online business.  The money was nice, but was not worth the amount of work needed in order to generate it.  The constant content marketing that I did was fun and I learned many new writing techniques in order to keep pumping out content on a regular basis, but was not full filling since I disliked the subject matter.


This is the next step in my life.  The place where I will be free to express all the thoughts I keep bottled for fear that no one will understand.  The majority of which are probably insane, but worth trying to explain.  Freedom to express myself is the largest drive for the creation of this blog.  Hopefully if anyone stops by to read these posts they will find some inspiration and perhaps find a way to promote their own loves of life.  I will do my best to write several times a week and when I am in the mood several times a day even.  I do love to write so expect to see this blog filling out nicely soon.  One last thing also expect to see this blog change frequently.  This template is nice, but I am not sure I will be keeping it.