The Art of Influence

I began this article with the title “The Art of Manipulation”, but felt the negative connotation would undermine the message. First lets discuss why a person would want to influence another.  In society the most common mass influence we have is negative reinforcement.  If you break a set of rules your freedom is taken in the hope that your behavior will somehow change or at the very least you will be unable to continue the behavior for at the least until the term of your imprisonment is over.  Though this system is one of the worst uses of influence ever devised it is still the most common.  A more positive influence we do socially (outside of middle and high school) is reward the most intelligent among us.  Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals have to go through intense schooling and when done are rewarded by being allowed to charge high prices for their services.


These are great examples of how society can influence the population within, but what if you want to influence on a more personal level.  Before you attempt to influence someone make sure you fully understanding that any interaction with another person is permanent and will not be forgotten.  If your goals are underhanded or self serving then there will likely be negative consequences.  The first step is knowing exactly what your goals are with the interaction.  The second step is spending time thinking about the other person and why they don’t see things in your perspective.  The need to influence should only come after first simply asking for whatever you would like.  If this fails then surely the person will have their reasons.  Make sure when discussing the issue you keep the conversation passive.  Don’t push your thoughts onto them simply attempt to uncover why exactly they feel the way they do.


Now we have a good idea of what we want from a person and why the person objects.  It is time to begin the influence.  There are several ways to begin.  What I like to do is first begin developing a list of why my idea is better than the other.  During this time be sure to also merge your idea with the other.  This will be difficult, but greatly increases your chances of successfully influencing someone.  Next it is time to begin working on how you approach the subject.  Many times the influence will fail if the topic is brought up with too much pressure to see things your way.  If you bring up an idea in a way which shuts down any argument the chance of changing someones opinion will be small.



Learning With PDFs

This I am sure most people already know about.  Personally I love to learn and the majority of my searches have reflected this.  The majority of the time I use Google Scholar, Google Books, and all the free online libraries out.  I also have subscribed to many academic you tube channels mainly colleges.  Amazon is another great place to find free online learning materials with their large amount of free literature.


With all this I believed I had at the very least a grasp on where to find the knowledge available on the web.  This was of course until I searched a topic while applying (PDF) in the search term.  After doing this I was blown away with the massive amount of books written by well renowned people in all the various academic institutions.  All of these are free to read, but remember simply because they are free and you are able to download them easily they are under copyright.


Make sure if your interested in a subject try placing pdf in the search term.

Thoughts On Frankenstein

After finishing the old horror classic I was amazed to see the lack of consistency between all recreations that I grew up watching.  The story is not about creating a monster, but rather causing one.  Frankenstein with the help of the doctor would have easily became a good man.  Rather than assisting his creation develop humanity the Doctor becomes a coward running away.  Without any guidance the creation walks into the world, but is attacked because of his unique appearance.


I found Shelly does a great job creating a unique story with the evil shared between the doctor and his creation.  Many times throughout the book I found myself blaming the doctor for not creating a new life, but simply refusing to guide it.  If this were to happen in out day and age would we not blame the guardian whose job it was to guide the fledgling.  I believe the best case to illustrate this point would be an mental health facility.  If a doctor would allow someone with severe psychosis out into the world without any guidance and they committed an atrocity would the doctor not be held accountable simply because of his part played and neglect.


The recreations I spoke of previously it seems completely missed this part of the book.  They emphasize the creation as being a monstrosity, but this is not what Shelly meant to do.  The creation of Frankenstein was not created to be a monster, but rather Dr. Frankenstein was the pure cause.  Not because of the creating itself, but rather the lack of care for his creation.  The monster hurts nobody for fun and is saddened by the pain he causes.  The only people he hurts were ones important to the Doctor.


Anyway a great book for anyone who enjoys classic horror.  Make sure to pick it up on amazon for free.  I am sorry I have not been writing much, but my company has asked me to create and implement an educational program for the disabled persons I work with.  It has been a tremendous effort and well worth the time.  I do plan on updating different thoughts and techniques I have used to create such a program.  Thanks for reading.

Finding Peace In Creation (Focus On Violin)

Earlier in my life the only way to calm my mind was by using substances or unhealthy activities.  When these began taking a heavy toll I was forced to switch to healthier means of relaxation.  This is when I discovered my different outlets of creativity.  There is nothing that focuses my mind better than writing.  Personally I am able to place one topic in my mind and let the mind go to work.  This works fantastically for me though I am sure it is not the same for all.  Another way that I am able to find a quite peace is music and reading.  With music I have found many able to listen and find the peace I speak of, but I have to play it.


Creating music using my hands forces me not only to think about the music being played, but the infinite amount of variables I can implement to change the music being played ever so slightly.  I find the violin best for this with a close second being guitar and last being piano.  Violin was the first instrument I picked up and learned out of want rather than force.  I was on You Tube and found myself amazed by all the violinists who were able to create such amazing pieces of art.  It didn’t matter much to me if they played covers or original. What caught me was the ability for the musician no matter what music played to incorporate their own interpretation.  I would like to share just a couple of videos I found to be very inspirational and led to me picking up the violin.



This is certainly one of the most famous violin creations of our age.  The last two hundred years we have seen a dramatic drop of any classical instrument.  Here the revival of the violin is seen.  This of course is not the only thing which brought back the instrument, but here it breaks through rivaling modern musical creations.


The second video I would like to share is one called the Evolution Of Music.  Two instrumentalists play numerous pieces from across the timeline starting with old folk and ending with some of the newer music of today.



Another great example of a revival.  Now with these two pieces one thing I would love to point out is the reason behind the creations.  The mind when allowed to explore something such as music will end up creating.  I find myself enthralled with the thought of what all of these artists have in common.  Uploading a amateur music video to You Tube will usually end with very little.  So why do these videos and why create this music.  My thought on it is they really didn’t have much of a choice.  When you explore something as deeply as these artists have music you begin to see things in the world differently.  You find sharing the music within your head nearly impossible to stop.  This is certainly not the easiest way to make money or become famous.  So I believe these vain reasons played little to no role with the creation or sharing of the music.  I think looking at the faces that these artists found their peace.  It is on their faces as they play that the worries of the world vacate them while playing.


I hope my thoughts shared here will be at least somewhat enjoyable to think about.  I would love to speak about my other passions reading, writing, and gaming, but I fear the post would drag on for many more pages so it may be best to hold off on those topics for later posts.

Power Within Writing

I have found over the years that writing is the most fundamental form of creation.  From its beginning writing has been the way for our species to transport knowledge through space and time allowing for a communal knowledge bank for all.  Any man who is literate and has access to books written in the past has the ability to learn from another’s thought.  This can be done over and over allowing multiple thoughts from multiple people to be inserted into the readers consciousness.  With that being said this is why I find that writing is the most important contribution anyone can make to the progress of humanity.


A page full of words written by another individual is their thoughts, feeling, and experiences manifesting itself.  A book is the pinnacle of this.  From out beginning we learned knowledge gives us a better chance of survival.  Now days knowledge does not give us a better chance at surviving, but a better quality of life.  There are of course exceptions to this, but for the most part the ignorant won’t die while the wise live.  So for writers how can we improve their creation.


How does one improve their writing.  I find the best writing is not the most technically correct, but rather the writing which is constructed with the most unique and helpful thought.  So if you are a writer to improve your writing I recommend cramming as much thought as possible within your mind.  Let say your goal is to write about causes and treatments of depression.  In previous generations a man who wrote about this topic would need to visit many people who had knowledge in the field and locate and read many book on the subject.  In our age we have the internet allowing us to access many fine institutions filled with people with knowledge on this subject.  It is of course useful to use other older ways of knowledge transfer, but with the internet we can substantially improve the speed at which we gain knowledge.


Once you have plenty of information and knowledge on the subject you must discover within yourself what you would like to present to the world.  This is where the majority of writing fails.  One can research for a lifetime, but if they do not take their writing seriously then their contribution to the subject matter they spent their life researching will be minimal.  Another important thing to consider when improving your writing is not bending to the will of social laws.  If you write something and you believe it is good then it is good.  If every other person says the writing is pointless, terrible, or worthless it matters not.  The only bad writing is the writing that has been contorted by others.


This is the purpose of my blog.  I want a place where I can drain my thoughts allowing for the slowing of my mind.  I will not write about topics other would have me write about.  I will not change anything on my publication to satisfy anyone, but myself.  This blog and the writing on it is for me and nobody else.


I have been working tirelessly on improving my education and all around life.  Five years ago I started a successful online business which cost me nothing and made me thousands.  It required a massive amount of work to become successful and once I became a success I lost interest.  With the money I paid off all my debt and was able to finish my associates.  I quit simply because I didn’t enjoy what I was writing about.  The change has come recently.  This blog will not focus on an income, but rather a place I can speak about any subject.  My interests include writing, reading, gaming, animals, and much more.  If I feel a topic is worth writing about I will write a post.  If I begin getting board about writing on a specific topic I will simply change the subject matter.  I fully understand that this ideal is terrible for SEO and blogging in general.  Once again this blogs success will be in the outlet of creative ideas rather than the number of hits or income generated.


One thing I would really like to try with this blog is showcasing my musical and academic growth.  I will be going back to school in the fall to get my bachelors and in the last year I have taught myself guitar, piano, violin, and to read music in general.  By no means am I an expert in either of these two things, but I do love both and now have a platform on which to share my loves.  Writing on different topics has always been one of my biggest strengths.  I have written thousands of articles and blogged for many years.  This I believe is what I lost when I quit my online business.  The money was nice, but was not worth the amount of work needed in order to generate it.  The constant content marketing that I did was fun and I learned many new writing techniques in order to keep pumping out content on a regular basis, but was not full filling since I disliked the subject matter.


This is the next step in my life.  The place where I will be free to express all the thoughts I keep bottled for fear that no one will understand.  The majority of which are probably insane, but worth trying to explain.  Freedom to express myself is the largest drive for the creation of this blog.  Hopefully if anyone stops by to read these posts they will find some inspiration and perhaps find a way to promote their own loves of life.  I will do my best to write several times a week and when I am in the mood several times a day even.  I do love to write so expect to see this blog filling out nicely soon.  One last thing also expect to see this blog change frequently.  This template is nice, but I am not sure I will be keeping it.