Choose A Hobby That Will Help You Grow

There are thousands of different activities to choose from, but few will you find enjoyment and growth.  The hobbies you try should compliment your educational, spiritual, and physical goals.  If for example your main goal is getting in shape then picking up a gaming or similar hobby will actually distract you from reaching the goal.  It would be better to explore options of outside hobbies such as walking, fishing, or flying those plastic planes.  If you live in a very cold area like myself you may need to find an indoor hobby which requires exercise.


Some of the different hobbies may not seem beneficial, but they help with what you are trying to accomplish.  In previous posts I have spoken about being a gamer.  To many this seems like a waste even more so than watching TV, but what people don’t see is the amount of logical thinking and motor control skills that are done.  If you game online there is also a social effect unseen by those who do not participate.  Online gaming made me much more confident in school and helped me perform better as well.  There are of course others, but the only hobby I am also versed in is reading classical literature which has helped my English immensely.


Other hobbies which I have seen beneficial effects are of course those with an athletic need.  In our world we as a species have moved away from all athletics.  The only time one is expected to run is by choice or in a physical education class.  Simply walking is usually not even needed.  The majority of jobs require you to be at a desk or standing still.  Most jobs which in previous years required athletic activity has replaced man power with machine power.  This leads to a need to have at least one recreational activity be physically active since our bodies still need it.


The final point I would like to talk about is the need to have hobbies which are enjoyable, but also increase intellect.  The only place being bright is usually middle and high school.  What is interesting is the first day after graduation when it is time to apply to college or go work these children quickly learn the importance of intellect.  When applying to a job not having a diploma because you felt it unnecessary will be detrimental to your salary and position.  The same goes with respect from the people you meet.  If you are able to speak correctly without mistakes and are knowledgeable on academic topics then people you meet will give you more respect and will be more likely to offer you jobs, promotions, raises, ect…


I am wanting to write a few posts about the book I am reading.  It is the original Grim’s Fairy Tales.  I would like to compare and contrast some of my favorite Disney TV shows such as Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood.  Expect those coming soon.