Development of Creative Blowup

After a history of successful blogging and being a webmaster I have finally decided to throw everything I learned away and start fresh.  There were several reasons for the death of my web presences, but the factor which contributed the most to the collapse was I simply did not enjoy writing about things which were only geared to increase income.  The generation of my ambition came from a fear of losing the means to survive and having to rely on charity to make it through.  I feared for my job stability in the real world when put on administrative leave and felt there might be a chance of not being able to return to work.  With this fear I decided to find a adequate solution.  It was not realistic for me to seek out other employment since the job I had did not let me go and there was a good chance they wouldn’t, but this was not a comfortable feeling.  The chance though slim of being fired stayed with me and forced me to make a series of choices.

The leave was close to my complete destruction through drug and alcohol addiction.  Nothing to do, but sit home all day every day thinking.  I had been arrested for DUI and after a few months gained a few more and harsher charges when my brother and me fought.  Throughout the time I was learning more and more about how to generate income from home.  I taught myself HTML and CSS both considered the basics of website programming.  With this knowledge I began creating new websites.  After many attempts I decided the “Make Money Online” was a very lucrative niche to join.  After many months I was quite successful and had my websites earning quite a bit of money and receiving up to a thousand hits per day.  The income generated was around 1,000 $ monthly which to someone who simply needed another way to pay bills was enough.

Nearly all the charges were dropped on the condition I went and successfully graduated a rehabilitation program.  The program lasted for a full year.  This to me was far harder than anything I had since done.  the rehab cost me around 8,000 $ which was actually payed off very quickly with my normal pay and additional income.  With my online sites I was able to pay any debt I owed which included such things as my car and other backed up bills.

To maintain the site I was required to write at the very least one article per day for my own sites content or for marketing the site.  Without having the need for additional income when trouble with the sites which could have been remedied came I simply abandoned them and gave up on my pursuit for income.  It passed quickly and for quite a while I actually enjoyed the burden being lifted.  For a couple years I could care less giving my web presence up.  There was really no need to keep going, but my intellectual pursuit filled its place.  Also my love of gaming seemed to take up endless hours of my free time.  Not until recently have I had the urge to jump back into to web this time with a completely different frame of mind.

Rather than attempting to accumulate more wealth I decided a writing corner is what I wanted.  This place “Creative Blowup” is where I have decided to break the mold and share ideas about all of my passions rather than attempting to gain the highest amount of traffic and income available.  As of this moment I have not put any commercial products and I believe  the only ones I would should be the things which I write about.  This would only consist of books, my kindle, and the games I write about.  I want this place to be focused on writing improvement and idea processing.  These are the things which in the last few years have consumed me.  I have read countless classic novels throughout the last five hundred years.  As I have posted on this blog right now I am in the process of going back through the classical horror novels the newest being Dracula.  I will not be writing this blog for anything, but my release of ideas.  Even thought the topics will be varied I still have hope that and audience like me exists and will enjoy reading my writing.