Dracula Final Review

Dracula like I said in an earlier post had a fascinating presentation.  The story was written in first person, but through the eyes of nearly all characters, but Dracula and other evil ones.  This lets you see multiple events in many different perspectives.  One interesting thing is how well Stoker keeps everything within the correct time line.  He constantly has multiple pieces of the story from different characters and in different locations.  The diary entries and letters go back and forth between all these yet remain fluid enough to allow the reader to stay on track.

The vivid descriptions are done very nicely for the age. The book describes very accurately the different peoples and countries in which it proceeds.  When a character comes upon someone with less education they speak far differently.  I have always enjoyed this when an author breaks from conventional grammar attempting to encapsulate the speech of one who may have a different style. For example someone in the deep south, boat full of sailors, someone in New York and many in different countries all speak quite differently.  They use words not commonly used and pronounce everything quite differently.  Authors who can change all of this within their writing have a gift and stoker has done an excellent job with this.

Dracula is of course the highlight.  This is one of the earlier births of vampire lore and has easily the largest impact on the western worlds perspective of what a vampire should be.  I find it fascinating to this day many ideas which Stoker had have flowed through our horror novels.  In Dracula the rules are brought forth through the workings of old Dr. Van Helsing.  He was the only one who had prior knowledge of vampires and was the first to suspect.  Like the majority of vampire lore they can not be awake during the day.  To kill one they must be staked through the heart and have their head cut off.  Vampires are also unable to cast a reflection.

After reading I notice that here Stoker has placed rules which are not commonly followed.  A blessed wafer for instance is the prime item used to fight the demons.  It would make sense using such an item since it is used as sacrament.

To finish this book is a cornerstone of horror.  I have never met a person who at the very least has not heard of Dracula.  I of course am not able to say it is worth reading or it is not.  These classic books should always be read.