Failings and Triumphs of American Education System

Before I begin I must say everything in this post will only be from my experience, knowledge, and opinion.  We have succeeded in many aspects.  One of the most important is allowing all children under the age of seventeen to go to school free.  This is not a common practice across the world.  The expenses to the society are great and so are the need to free up children for school. In America we despise those who would force their children to work.  I do believe that when the family would not suffer it would be preferable to offer education, but in cases where the absence of a child would force not only the child, but also the family to starve or lose their home then it would be necessary to have them work.  I believe this is one thing people against do not understand.  Would they give up their life to the family who would be destroyed in order to let their children to go to school.  I understand that of course the argument is not that simply, but the idea stands it is a great thing that we have systems set up which allows all children to go to school.  These of course work in parallel with other social programs such as wellfare and food stamps.

There is a major downside to this form of education.  If you not only allow, but force children into school the quality of education given will suffer.  If all are not as interested or intelligent as the rest then steps must be taken to slow the academic progress down.  The same problem exists with disobedient or disruptive children and the disabled. We have in many ways fixed many of the issues, but of course the program will continually be evaluated and improved upon.

The largest complaint I have is the mix of capital with higher education and information itself.  Though true intellects do not seek fortune from their intelligence it does cost much to run a university and allow the growth of different arts and sciences.  With this being said the price of such education and even access to books is far to high.  The internet has done a wonderful job removing the capital from information and the endless flow which comes is continually reducing the demand of learning.  With more access to information providers will be unable to charge or at the very least must reduce the price and add value.  I do believe that if this freedom continues and people become as intelligent or even more so with the free access to information.