Finding Inspiration

Any form of expression must have a preceding inspiration.  When sitting down to write, play, or do any form of creative expression to make the most out of your time it is good to have a goal already set.  Knowing what you want to accomplish will expedite and improve the creative process.  The goal should be something you feel passionately about.  If you can create enough motivation any set backs you find during creation should seem minimal.  This is much easier said than done.  You must first know what makes you excited.  Once you have an idea what inspires you then implementing it into your life will be easier.  My personal inspiration comes from classic writers.  The ideas which spurred books hundreds of years ago amaze me and push me to write.  I also find watching instrumentalists on youtube.


When you begin your search for inspiration make sure to not get sucked up in poor substitutes.  With me this seems to happen when I play games.  It is true games are an immense source of creativity.  In some cases they even blow books out of the water.  The ones I speak of would be the Bethesda game titles.  These the company spend years on creating the stories making sure they are extremely rich.  Even though this is the case I find myself with a lack of ideas after playing games.  I believe the most important aspect which they give me is stress relief rather than inspiration.  Books on the other hand once finished I find myself going back over the main story line and contrasting my world view to the authors.  This I believe is why books always seem to inspire more in me than other forms of ideas I take in.


Another important aspect when looking for information is never to waste.  You should kindle your inspiration.  If you become inspired and let that flame out it may not arise again and you could possibly lose the creation that could have been.  It is important for you to keep space to create.  This should be set up in a place with very little stimulation outside of helpful inspiration.  What I mean by this is if you find music helpful when creating then have music in your space, but try to keep out any other distraction including people which may make your work suffer.


Once you have the space separated from your normal quarters and those living with you know not to bother you when your creating it will become far easier allow for creative creations. Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed be sure to subscribe.