Finding Peace In Creation (Focus On Violin)

Earlier in my life the only way to calm my mind was by using substances or unhealthy activities.  When these began taking a heavy toll I was forced to switch to healthier means of relaxation.  This is when I discovered my different outlets of creativity.  There is nothing that focuses my mind better than writing.  Personally I am able to place one topic in my mind and let the mind go to work.  This works fantastically for me though I am sure it is not the same for all.  Another way that I am able to find a quite peace is music and reading.  With music I have found many able to listen and find the peace I speak of, but I have to play it.


Creating music using my hands forces me not only to think about the music being played, but the infinite amount of variables I can implement to change the music being played ever so slightly.  I find the violin best for this with a close second being guitar and last being piano.  Violin was the first instrument I picked up and learned out of want rather than force.  I was on You Tube and found myself amazed by all the violinists who were able to create such amazing pieces of art.  It didn’t matter much to me if they played covers or original. What caught me was the ability for the musician no matter what music played to incorporate their own interpretation.  I would like to share just a couple of videos I found to be very inspirational and led to me picking up the violin.



This is certainly one of the most famous violin creations of our age.  The last two hundred years we have seen a dramatic drop of any classical instrument.  Here the revival of the violin is seen.  This of course is not the only thing which brought back the instrument, but here it breaks through rivaling modern musical creations.


The second video I would like to share is one called the Evolution Of Music.  Two instrumentalists play numerous pieces from across the timeline starting with old folk and ending with some of the newer music of today.



Another great example of a revival.  Now with these two pieces one thing I would love to point out is the reason behind the creations.  The mind when allowed to explore something such as music will end up creating.  I find myself enthralled with the thought of what all of these artists have in common.  Uploading a amateur music video to You Tube will usually end with very little.  So why do these videos and why create this music.  My thought on it is they really didn’t have much of a choice.  When you explore something as deeply as these artists have music you begin to see things in the world differently.  You find sharing the music within your head nearly impossible to stop.  This is certainly not the easiest way to make money or become famous.  So I believe these vain reasons played little to no role with the creation or sharing of the music.  I think looking at the faces that these artists found their peace.  It is on their faces as they play that the worries of the world vacate them while playing.


I hope my thoughts shared here will be at least somewhat enjoyable to think about.  I would love to speak about my other passions reading, writing, and gaming, but I fear the post would drag on for many more pages so it may be best to hold off on those topics for later posts.