I have been working tirelessly on improving my education and all around life.  Five years ago I started a successful online business which cost me nothing and made me thousands.  It required a massive amount of work to become successful and once I became a success I lost interest.  With the money I paid off all my debt and was able to finish my associates.  I quit simply because I didn’t enjoy what I was writing about.  The change has come recently.  This blog will not focus on an income, but rather a place I can speak about any subject.  My interests include writing, reading, gaming, animals, and much more.  If I feel a topic is worth writing about I will write a post.  If I begin getting board about writing on a specific topic I will simply change the subject matter.  I fully understand that this ideal is terrible for SEO and blogging in general.  Once again this blogs success will be in the outlet of creative ideas rather than the number of hits or income generated.


One thing I would really like to try with this blog is showcasing my musical and academic growth.  I will be going back to school in the fall to get my bachelors and in the last year I have taught myself guitar, piano, violin, and to read music in general.  By no means am I an expert in either of these two things, but I do love both and now have a platform on which to share my loves.  Writing on different topics has always been one of my biggest strengths.  I have written thousands of articles and blogged for many years.  This I believe is what I lost when I quit my online business.  The money was nice, but was not worth the amount of work needed in order to generate it.  The constant content marketing that I did was fun and I learned many new writing techniques in order to keep pumping out content on a regular basis, but was not full filling since I disliked the subject matter.


This is the next step in my life.  The place where I will be free to express all the thoughts I keep bottled for fear that no one will understand.  The majority of which are probably insane, but worth trying to explain.  Freedom to express myself is the largest drive for the creation of this blog.  Hopefully if anyone stops by to read these posts they will find some inspiration and perhaps find a way to promote their own loves of life.  I will do my best to write several times a week and when I am in the mood several times a day even.  I do love to write so expect to see this blog filling out nicely soon.  One last thing also expect to see this blog change frequently.  This template is nice, but I am not sure I will be keeping it.