Removing Limitations

I realized my perception of the world differs from most since I believe and continued to believe my parents when they told me anything is possible.  This little saying seems to be lost by most after a few disappointments.  For me if I need something or want something, I have full belief that I can obtain it.  Obstacles though annoying are simply roadblocks which can either be removed or drove around.  In almost every instance in which I was unable to obtain my goal when I examined all variables which contributed to the failure it was me.  This is an extremely important if you wish to become more successful.  There are times when other people or other obstacles are in the way.  It is far more difficult to change others or the environment than changing yourself.  The rest of this post will be covering some of my achievements which have seemed to shock people and when I explain they can easily do the same thing they are extremely reluctant.


The first achievement which I had accomplished and easily my proudest moment was when I entered and stayed in recovery.  I used both drugs and alcohol through out my teens and twenties.  Many times I hurt others and myself nearly losing my life in an overdose.  Nothing seemed to cause enough pain for me to believe that these substances were doing more harm than good.  I had a belief that without these my life would be unbearable.  5/8/2009 was the date of my last drink.  It was a week after my birthday and I had bought a 1/5 of alcohol which I had not opened yet and decided to have a drink.  Within a very short period of time I drank the entire bottle.  I cant remember what the drink was, but it was much stronger than whisky or vodka.  By the end of the night I went into a blind rage and attempted to throw my brothers girlfriend out of the house.  He was at work, she called him and when he got home the physical fight broke out.  We destroyed the hose and when he went outside and got into his car to leave I shattered the driver side window with my fist.  The cops woke up and I went to jail.  When I awoke the next day this story that I told you I had absolutely no recollection of.  All I knew was I had blood from head to toe.  My entire arm was bandaged and hurt like hell.  To my knowledge I could have killed someone and was going to be in jail for the rest of my life.  This fear resounded in me and the humiliation of losing control and hurting a family member finally pushed me past the point in believing alcohol held a powerful beneficial impact on my life.  I entered rehab the next month and passed the 1 year program and have been clean ever since.


The second achievement which seems to shock others was my online business.  This I created before I quit drugs and alcohol.  I taught myself HTML and CSS.  My first website was terrible, but with time and practice I was able to create some decent looking blogs and websites.  After a couple years I had finally learned enough about web business to begin making money.  Before my site was shut down I was receiving around 100k visitors a month and earning around one thousand dollars monthly.  This was income which to maintain I had to do very little was sent in the mail or paid to my paypal sometimes multiple times monthly.  This paid my car off and my rehab bills which was around ten thousand.  Since I used a free server they shut my site down since I was taking far more bandwidth than allowed, but by the time it shut down I was completely debt free and had no real need to rebuild the business.


These are just a couple of examples of what can be accomplished if one believes in himself.  There are more I could put her, but the point of this post is to foster a belief in what is possible.  Remove the thoughts which hold you back and foster the dreams you have attempting them frequently and never giving up.