Review Of Factorio

Just recently I have found a small steam game which blew my mind.  Throughout my life I have always been a gamer and have owned the majority of game systems and well established gaming titles.  A couple years ago I found myself frustrated with the gaming titles coming out.  My friend pointed me to steam which both promotes and sells games in the alpha phase.  This allowed me to play many games which were in development and allowed me to see where the gaming community was heading.  I will admit that I was unsure since many of the games I purchased the developers quit without finishing the game, but the few I really enjoyed had developers stay and continue developing the game.  Factorio I noticed was on the top 10 most purchased list and I decided to give it a try.


The first steps into the game you will find yourself at a loss of what to do.  The game itself lacks a solid tutorial and amazing graphics.  It will not be until a few hours of testing out what is possible the game will begin to amaze.  It is a standard base building game with the need to collect materials and defend against hording monsters.  What separates this game from other such as minecraft is the nearly unlimited amount of automation you are allowed to develop.  There are many ways you can complete tasks to improve you factory and the fun is finding better and more complex ways to complete tasks.


The so called enemies are bugs and as of right now only consist of two types biters and spitters. They will increase in scale depending on your development within the game and how aggressive you are against their spawners.  There are only four resources to collect which include iron, copper, coal, and oil.  With these four you are able to create hundreds of needed products.  The game itself will seem a little slow and boring, but as your factory becomes larger it will suck you in.  That is the main issue I have seen in the comments.  This game is so complex that you will lose days within.  I highly recommend this game to anyone interested in base building or engineering games. You can find the game on steam just search “factorio”.