Reading Dracula

Beginning this book I thought it would be similar to the rest of the classical fiction I have read.  Overall I have found the book to be very unique.  The literature itself resembles many other authors, but what separates this book from the others is the presentation.  I find it interesting that Stoker uses the first person, but is able to tell all sides of the story.  Very few books I have came across have successfully done this.  With Dracula it is an entangled web with the characters.  The method Stoker uses to show the story from all angles is diaries and letters rather than the usual story writing method.

When I first began Dracula I found myself going back to ensure I knew who was speaking.  The changes happened very quickly and quite often the end of a diary page would leave the reader with confusion and hanging in suspense.  It could be pages and in some cases chapters before the character speaking would finish their thought.  Once you get into the book it is difficult anyone would write in a journal the way the book was written.  The amount of descriptions made you believe your reading a novel rather than a book, but when the diary entry ended and the next started it would bring you back to diary.  I noticed sever instances where Stoker would have his characters apologize or explain why they were so thorough.  This being added helped somewhat in making it believable that a person would go into such depth for their diary.

The book itself thus far has been quite enthralling.  I believe the hidden secret is how Stoker makes Dracula into a massive tangle with everything having importance.  When you first pick the book up it will be a struggle.  He places a high importance on setting the book up with many lose ends you will have to wait to tie up.  You will be reading about things which make little to no sense at the time and feel they have no place within the story.  It is not until far past the half way point does he bring everything back together.  Placing this much mystery into a horror book may have been a more of a vice than a virtue.  The mysteries themselves were very enjoyable, but I feel placing so much emphasis on these rather than creating actual terror could possibly let me down at the end.  Thus far though the book has been worth every second placed and I highly recommend it if you enjoy the horror/mystery genre.

I am now 70% through and look forward in doing a complete review once I finish.