Power Within Writing

I have found over the years that writing is the most fundamental form of creation.  From its beginning writing has been the way for our species to transport knowledge through space and time allowing for a communal knowledge bank for all.  Any man who is literate and has access to books written in the past has the ability to learn from another’s thought.  This can be done over and over allowing multiple thoughts from multiple people to be inserted into the readers consciousness.  With that being said this is why I find that writing is the most important contribution anyone can make to the progress of humanity.


A page full of words written by another individual is their thoughts, feeling, and experiences manifesting itself.  A book is the pinnacle of this.  From out beginning we learned knowledge gives us a better chance of survival.  Now days knowledge does not give us a better chance at surviving, but a better quality of life.  There are of course exceptions to this, but for the most part the ignorant won’t die while the wise live.  So for writers how can we improve their creation.


How does one improve their writing.  I find the best writing is not the most technically correct, but rather the writing which is constructed with the most unique and helpful thought.  So if you are a writer to improve your writing I recommend cramming as much thought as possible within your mind.  Let say your goal is to write about causes and treatments of depression.  In previous generations a man who wrote about this topic would need to visit many people who had knowledge in the field and locate and read many book on the subject.  In our age we have the internet allowing us to access many fine institutions filled with people with knowledge on this subject.  It is of course useful to use other older ways of knowledge transfer, but with the internet we can substantially improve the speed at which we gain knowledge.


Once you have plenty of information and knowledge on the subject you must discover within yourself what you would like to present to the world.  This is where the majority of writing fails.  One can research for a lifetime, but if they do not take their writing seriously then their contribution to the subject matter they spent their life researching will be minimal.  Another important thing to consider when improving your writing is not bending to the will of social laws.  If you write something and you believe it is good then it is good.  If every other person says the writing is pointless, terrible, or worthless it matters not.  The only bad writing is the writing that has been contorted by others.


This is the purpose of my blog.  I want a place where I can drain my thoughts allowing for the slowing of my mind.  I will not write about topics other would have me write about.  I will not change anything on my publication to satisfy anyone, but myself.  This blog and the writing on it is for me and nobody else.