Thoughts On Frankenstein

After finishing the old horror classic I was amazed to see the lack of consistency between all recreations that I grew up watching.  The story is not about creating a monster, but rather causing one.  Frankenstein with the help of the doctor would have easily became a good man.  Rather than assisting his creation develop humanity the Doctor becomes a coward running away.  Without any guidance the creation walks into the world, but is attacked because of his unique appearance.


I found Shelly does a great job creating a unique story with the evil shared between the doctor and his creation.  Many times throughout the book I found myself blaming the doctor for not creating a new life, but simply refusing to guide it.  If this were to happen in out day and age would we not blame the guardian whose job it was to guide the fledgling.  I believe the best case to illustrate this point would be an mental health facility.  If a doctor would allow someone with severe psychosis out into the world without any guidance and they committed an atrocity would the doctor not be held accountable simply because of his part played and neglect.


The recreations I spoke of previously it seems completely missed this part of the book.  They emphasize the creation as being a monstrosity, but this is not what Shelly meant to do.  The creation of Frankenstein was not created to be a monster, but rather Dr. Frankenstein was the pure cause.  Not because of the creating itself, but rather the lack of care for his creation.  The monster hurts nobody for fun and is saddened by the pain he causes.  The only people he hurts were ones important to the Doctor.


Anyway a great book for anyone who enjoys classic horror.  Make sure to pick it up on amazon for free.  I am sorry I have not been writing much, but my company has asked me to create and implement an educational program for the disabled persons I work with.  It has been a tremendous effort and well worth the time.  I do plan on updating different thoughts and techniques I have used to create such a program.  Thanks for reading.