Thoughts On The Paris Attacks

A terrible tragedy recently occurred in Paris.  Over 100 people dead in a very well orchestrated terrorist attack in Paris.  Nothing like this has been seen since 911.  I feel France did a very good job ensuring their outrage was fully expressed and declaring war on those who targeted their city.  I felt the call for tactical nuclear strikes may have been an overreach since a country did not commit the attacks, but rather a terrorist organization.  I am somewhat surprised at the arrogance of the terrorists.


I understand terrorists have a need to create fear.  They need enemies and reasons to go on living (or dying in the case of suicide bombers). After thinking a while on this I believe a lack of intellect would cause the human organism to fall for pretty much anything.  These people actually believe they accomplished something.  Perhaps they believe that starting war will help their cause which I am assuming is to drop everyone down to their level.


I understand that this thought process is completely one sided.  It is one thing to sit back 10,000 miles away and judge someone else’s actions.  If these people truly believe they need to kill themselves and others in the name of a cause there must be something to that cause.  Perhaps they have good reasons in their own mind.  I know I would die and kill in the name of freedom.  I wonder if they feel as though they believe their way of life is under attack.


Well I can’t be certain that this is the reason.  There really is no justification for their actions, but I believe it is worthwhile to at the very least find the reason they do what they do.  Just my thoughts and once again lets all give our hopes and prayers to France.